Jiangsu Sitong Cardan Shaft Co.,Ltd [] 公司简介 招聘职位
江苏四通机械制造有限公司主要从事治金、汽车、造纸、石油等行业的联轴器及其他机械配件的生产加工制造,产品广泛应用于治金行业(十字万向联轴器、鼓形齿式联轴器、球笼式万向联轴器、导卫装置、钢管顶头);电力行业(耐热耐磨钢);船舶、机车、工程机械(混凝土泵车、挖掘机、压路机、传动系统);包装机械。公司已有多年的研发和制造经验,具有研发高新精产品和批量生产的优越条件及强大优势。公司实现了 ATUO CAD计算机辅助设计和信息化管理,集研究制造为一体,有丰富的制造经验和雄厚的技术力量,检测手段完善、品种规格齐全、质量稳定可靠,能满足不同客户的订货需求,产品具有质量优良、性能可靠,维护方便等特点,深受广大用户的信赖。公司位于江苏江阴经济开发区靖江园区内,紧邻南京、上海、常州、无锡,水陆交通十分方便。 公司本着“诚信经商,永续发展,开创务实,回报社会”之经营宗旨和发展理念。以科技创新为源泉,卓越品质为依托,辅以完善快捷的服务。聚集一批高素质、经验丰富的生产开发人オ,以精湛的技术,优良的制造工艺,全力为客户提供一流的产品与服务! About us Jiangsu Sitong Cardan Shaft Co.,Ltd has over 30 years manufacturing experience in local market.Our used name is Joint Venture Jiangsu Yushan Universal Transmission Axis Manufacturing Co.,Ltd before 2010. We are now mainly engaged in manufacturing all kinds of Cardan Shaft,Curved Tooth Coupling and Drum Gear Coupling.Our products are widely used in Rolling mill,Paper-making machinery,Machine plant,Machine repair plant,Pump machine,Crane system,Textile machine,Power station equipment,Heavy-loaded plants of general machinery construction,Mining machinery,Rubber machinery,General machinery construction plants,Cement industry,Truck,Forklift,Automobile machinery,Metallurgy machinery,Petroleum machinery and other industry machinery. After so many years of effort,we passed ISO9001 and TS16949 quality system certification before 2008,and also we have established long-term cooperation relationship with many domestic large-scale crane factories and steel factories.Our products have been widely used in Bao Steel Group Cooperation,China First Heavy Industries,Saoguan Hydro Power Station,Anshan Iron&Steel Corporation,Capital Steel&Iron Corporation,etc.Our cardan shafts are highly commended by customers for their properties and quality. Why choose us? We’re a professional manufacturer with over 30 years experience. We have first-class production line and strict management system. OEM&ODM service offered,small orders allowed. We can provide excellent after-sale service.
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